Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Don't rely on anything

You can't rely on many people in life except possibly me. Or to rely on them letting you down which is actually the opposite. Firstly the wankers who didn't reply on friends reunited (reignored it should be called) . Other people actually professionally connected have ignored me as well even though I need their work to get through my own, but silence. When people need me it's so important they want help now, I can't even get anything in over a month. So as one job is finished others I can't do for myself are left to gather dust.

I'm only writing this as I'm not having my haircut, and the Funtrivia blog has been down for days, and the few others in the same position are being told it's at their end which is impossible. There's little point starting many other jobs as the barber may call back at any time and really there's sod all that needs to be done till tomorrow so why look for work? I'm still wishing for more good news. The business news was wonderful but if I could have something on the pleasure front, both a peak and something that lasts it would make all the difference. And I've learnt you can't earn or deserve such news. It's totally independent of everything, and as with all changes and events seems to come in bunches like my work every day this week. Some is delayed from cancellations last week and other is voluntary but it still has to be done. And so far all I've done is write a little description for someone collecting it this week and killed time on the internet. Will I get my haircut? My grandma expects it to be done when I go there and if not she's going to blame me whether it was my fault or not. Or be very disappointed regardless, as I am. So, I wait, and the other strange rule is only when you've forgotten about something you're waiting for might it happen. So I'll have to carry on as if nothing's happening and then the call will come when I'm not thinking about it. Truly weird and almost always the case.

Meanwhile I'd like to make an announcement to all those people on Friends Reunited, and if any of my readers are on it, you as well. Don't join if you aren't going to play the game. If you only want to lurk don't bother to add your name, just search and don't waste my time and millions of others pretending you want to be contacted. Arseholes.

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