Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Trivial Wednesday

Another day goes by, it's been fairly busy this week, productive and I'm knackered already, no obvious cause. Just took some interesting pictures of the railway line between Golders Green and Brent Cross, ending with some classics of Brent Cross station which I probably haven't been in since 1976 (as my friend lived there and I had a motorbike after that). It's one of the few architecturally designed stations besides the art deco mainly on the Piccadilly Line (Hanger Lane, Southgate etc) but in classical Greek style, and very nice inside, as you can see.

Besides that I just saw England lose to Croatia 2-0 (they were 3rd in the world cup in 1998, not bad for a country about the size of Wales) and that's about it. I have at least found some interest in life this year, I've met a number of nice people, created a lot and done just enough work to not waste all my time. Making the best of defined limits is a challenge to everyone, and mine change constantly within the main one of being alone. I realise there are no solutions, if you're in a cage then you can only work within it. And of course only other people have the key and choose if you'll ever be let out. More projects are continuing my photo trips, trains, buses and Finchley Road among others. Finchley Road is the second road in my heart, after the North Circular. It joins it at Henlys Corner as it reaches Finchley so changes its name, and ends in St Johns Wood. The Northern part from Swiss Cottage is my bit, one of my best friends lived there for many years and then I worked in Temple Fortune a few miles up from there. I also spent a week or so in the butcher's near Henlys Corner when I was 16, a dreadful job and one I was happy to lose.
One by one, like everywhere else the shops change, though the owners often change while keeping the same shops. WH Smiths, the fishmongers and Frohweins kosher butchers are the few still there all my life (and that's a fair time) as I've been going there as long as I remember. My other best friend lived round the back and it was his shop I worked in, until the family left for warmer parts and intend to return in 2009 (like I'll hold my breath). I went to the food places every week for years every week for my dinner when I was there (they used to provide it but we had a problem one evening, long story). Once all the Indian restaurants (two or three) closed down and three Turkish ones opened up. All or nothing, and little choice. There are still no Indians there but I rarely need to go now so it makes little difference to me now.

Well, a little trip round my patch, given the money (£250,000 plus) I'd move back round there, I'm only here as I didn't earn as much as my parents (double income as well) so had no choice but to get a nice place in a cheap area. Indoors it's fine, the local area is nice, but it's not NW11. No class sadly. So I have my dreams and they are probably bound to remain so, and I make my little trips to NW11 to keep in touch with it. What a life...

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