Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Tuesday already

Well, the business side seems sorted for a while, work and academic. Now to see what happens on the pleasure, especially as I can relax on the business. Which projects I can work on remain from day to day, a communication is heading to a certain person to try and smoothe the path of true lust, and may help depending how understanding/interested she is. Otherwise I have the next photos and remaining jobs now I have some time to do them. The phone man came today after a 4 day wait and fixed the phone from a distant location in about 20 minutes. I'll be calling tomorrow about my refund.

By Saturday it'll be interesting to see if I've done one or more of my longstanding delayed jobs. My grandma goes potty when I don't have a haircut, so that's hopefully number one and then I need a new optician. Little else to report so far, I visited the gym's other branch as ours is being rewired, it's squeezed along corridors upstairs and nothing like as nice as our one large room in a field. But it has what I need so despite being stuck away I'll try and get in another visit before ours opens on Monday, plus do some work at home with the weights I do have. And I wasn't really tired over the weekend, a bit of a first for some time, so proves it can happen. Otherwise I have my little list that will stop me getting bored this week by doing housework while I'm free besides the photos. All on my own. If I wasn't I wouldn't need to plan so much, or do so much, but the imagination is forced into action for my sanity. That bloody woman from 1979 hasn't replied so I think that's a plan B (tell her my true feelings regardless) so at least she knows the lot whether she knows who I am or not. She may emigrate as a result but as I don't know where she is now it would be a bit of an overreaction. Then following all that I may find a plumber, anything's possible...

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