Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Time to talk toilet

Well, half the week has passed already and the lack of comments had a reason, my viewers have dropped from 50 to 20 a day. I am clearly turning out plenty of quantity but little new of quality. Most long term blogs are the same. I have followed regulars who can't help but hook into one or two areas and get stuck there. In my case it is a true diary and my life is fucking repetitive. Now if sex or other entertainment was involved I'd be under a duty to report it here, but as it's down to taking photos, visiting my grandma and third world shops there's little of truth I can add to spice things up.

The person from drama classes hasn't replied, she'll get another email soon with my true feelings and can then fuck right off. Why do people join sites to meet old friends and then mostly ignore them? Ignoring emails should be the 11th commandment, there's no excuse if it's someone you know and doesn't even spend any money to reply. So today I drove to Childs Hill to extend my visual record of Finchley Road for Flickr and got some nice shots as usual. The light goes next month so I am clearing as many trips as possible as then it'll be a rarity till March again. I have coaxed a few people to visit my websites in theory but not yet seen a soul arrive. The trouble is so much is more interesting online than here, and when anything interesting is here I post it online anyway, I've got nowhere else to share it at the moment. So there's one interesting woman still around but at a distance. This is a new experience for me as usually they come and go like a meteor flash. This is dragging on but alive and I literally have no idea if she wants more than what there is, ie sod all. But she's still around and knows I do so who can tell.

Well one person signed in yesterday, I think 36 read and didn't as my stats are daily and 20 was the average. It was 50 for most of the first year so I can only think many people have run out of enthusiasm as I trawled hundreds yesterday and most stopped in 2004. Pity as some would have been quite interesting. Apart from one I haven't found a decent new blog for ages. I may have to arrange some comedy routines sometimes, only rehashes of my old ones but how many rude words are there? Unlike musical notes you can't keep rearranging nursery words indefinitely, they have to make sense as well as melody. Imagine the playground songs which are both the source and result of my imagination. Big bums, bubblegum, rude noises and accidental farts with extra. Kids have been singing about this stuff since the stone age, and I apparently got stuck in it. Just how many ways can you describe ordure before you repeat yourself? Droppings, doodah, effluence, leavings, dung, doings, caca, whoopsies, jobbies, cow pancakes, guano, skidmarks, loose motions, excrement and runny business. How many ways can I describe thee while sitting on the pot and making the air smell of poo?

I could just focus on the one thing to become David's toilet blog. Would it gain readers or lose the few I have left? You tell me.

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mandelbrotset said...

I always come back for the toilet talk.....