Thursday, October 19, 2006

A wasted Thursday?

Today's a day off which is nice, though I have little idea of what to do so came here to report I have little to do instead. It's dark and overcast outside with no need to go anywhere so what's the point, and probably too wet to mow the lawn so ditto. When I've done this I intend to clear the desk, I've lost a CD and radio instruction book so it forces me to tidy up at least. I also saw a programme about UFOs that come out of the sea and had multiple navy witnesses who just admitted it 40 years later, which is far better evidence than usual. And the officials deleted all records as usual. That in itself means they know what's going on but why hide it permanently?

Anyway, that's the day so far, that person from drama classes is daily qualifying for a nastier name, possibly culminating in fucking bitch but maybe then becoming more original such as scum sucking shit for brains, which I heard in a film years ago. Rudeness is one thing that pisses me off and also spreads an attitude by those who use it. I know being nice to people who are a pain encourages them and you get stuck with the sort of people I have who call all hours of the day and night with mental problems (as in crazy and stupid) and want me to sort them out. Like I can sort out my own. But by email? People can't get harrassed by someone just by replying to an email. I could never delete an email addressed to me that was from someone I knew just like that but hundreds I know have. Bastards. So that was another elimination.
I also called the radio yesterday after someone my age said he'd been with a woman 20 years who was 22 years older than him and I said thank goodness it can happen. Never put me off but they were nearly always married so got absolutely nowhere.

Well I have to go to the shops tomorrow (closed today) so there's no point going twice to different ones when I can do it all in one go so that's the final reason stopped. I haven't got any official photos to take now, due to the clocks going back I crammed it all into the last few weeks and did my list to the end. I may move into pornography next though flickr officially won't allow it. Not really, but I bet I'd get more views than I do of bus stops. I see the seeds of madness in today, as I'm free but not if you see what I mean. Like the rainy days on holiday, what the hell do you do? I did two music videos yesterday that may get a few hundred views in a year but none will ever make me famous. And I'd need to play without making mistakes which means I'd have to stick to the easy stuff which is boring. In life you can attempt greater things and make a mess but on stage you have to have mastered it first before you get the credit. Well, I handed today over to higher powers and all I got was an email implying I need to spend hundreds on my house for fire regulations. It sounds wrong to me but I'll have all hell to pay to prove it. I may have wanted something to do but it wasn't that. I hope the next few hours provide something more interesting than being persecuted by government cretins who don't know the difference between a house and an office. Wankers. I rest my case.

Maybe I should ask my readers for suggestions to get more back- I would to the blogs I read but they prefer to write their stuff than go for popularity. I prefer people to want to read and will change things if only I want to read it when I've finished. I can do that on paper if I want to, if I put it online it's for other people to read. If they still do.

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