Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Or in its popular usage vacuum. Whatever I think of I have no ideas left. No plans, no events and only the thought of a visit to the dentist to occupy the future. There are only so many pictures to paint or take, and pages to write. I have one little spin off article to do from one I just read, but more for my own interest than ending up as an article, which would be a bonus. So maybe this blank page, once filled, will point towards what I may do with the much larger vacuum in my life. Of course various important people who could improve things are all hiding or gone altogether, very few seem to hang around long enough to make an impression though. They appear, gain my interest, and once discovered leave again. Every single one since 2002. Then, typically 3 turned up at once. One was dealt with in a week before she crossed the Atlantic again for home, one was kept until committed shortly afterwards (seems to happen to so many of people I meet) and the third was put on ice as lived too far to have time to fit in. Whatever my other qualities females haven’t thrown themselves at me since I was 15. Actually I doubt females throw themselves at anyone but me in the least of examples. Then even if I make the first move few have let me get past first base (if I know which is which) when I really liked them.

Anyway, besides known history there is little else. Two workmen are avoiding me as pipes and roofs are leaking and there’s little more I can do there unless it got worse and I employed unknowns. Not that many exist, when I needed an electrician they suddenly all went away when I called. As I haven’t yet dared make the dental appointment there’s nothing on this week, good bad or otherwise. Last week produced no more than a few minor shopping trips and not one of my friends materialised. I expect no more this week or ever really. Now if I wait till June 2009 my friends should be back from America, but may live 30 miles away. I can’t wait… No new projects either. The house, now occupied for 11 years is as it should be more or less, only large items need moving and most have nowhere else to go so will have to stay in the spare room. But no rearranging or tidying is needed otherwise, and even the garden’s fairly ok after all the hot summer days to fix it up. I really now believe everyone deserves happiness whether they work for it or not. Well I put in enough work till my last job ended, followed by a couple of years frantic studying and job applications. I actually did all the right things and got this.

So each week offers less and less, and then what? I’ve been told I’m of vital importance for the alien cause, but have no solid evidence they are here at all. Plenty of telepathy from my subjects but no more. I apparently need to be regressed myself before anything will come through, which I am about to have done, but despite a pile of assorted stories pointing to something weird happening all official channels close and deny it. There are certainly no other psychic investigations left to follow up, the last few ending in fraud and lies, and nothing new besides an unreadable PDF file about enlightenment which is supposed to offer a scientific description of it. But even if it’s real it’ll still take years for it to happen and that’s for the select few, India and Hampstead are full of followers who have practiced whatever they were taught for 20 plus years and it’ll never happen. Others have visited Tony Parsons once and said it happened, and it isn’t automatically connected with years of work, but it’s not up to us how and when it happens. But they are the exceptions and I know what I need to do and will always do it regardless as if I don’t I’ll think I missed trying. And meanwhile, as they said on Monty Python, nothing happened.

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