Friday, October 20, 2006

Friday's cack

Error on page, let's see if this kills the blogger, but of course I'll copy the lot first in case. Error on page is a very good description of the world I think, so many glitches and mistakes and until Windows XP such a ridiculous message hadn't been seen by me. Now if humans could have meters like car dashboards with blood pressure, temperature, cell counts etc wouldn't it save the doctors work? If they could get feedback and make a little plug to build into us I'd have one. Just put it on a meter and read the numbers, if it looks bad go for tests. Maybe in 100 years when it's too late for me (as in global warming predicted changes...).
So, another day and slightly less dead than yesterday. It did end with a bang (enough said) but was deadly dull until then. Today was local shopping (fascinating) with the Friday trip to my mum soon (with camera if light lasts). I'm hoping the radio will call me back now, but Iain Lee prefers cretins so I'm stuck on Clive Bull who fits me far better.

The only move I've made on my personal maintenance is a call to the barber who's booked till next week (no shop anymore), the rest will follow. I can also safely say the bloody bitch from Yorkshire has apparently ignored my email and name calling now seems to be appropriate, to be withdrawn if she's just too busy to reply (some fucking chance...). I still find the odd person I knew on FR but down to the dregs now, and after 5 plus years realised the people reported for getting second chances with lost loves are the exceptions like the youtube members who get in the papers. 99.99% of people with websites are read by a few hard core readers like here (soft core now, most have stopped) and the others are not worth considering. Thank goodness my excursion into real TV has started or I'd never get anywhere otherwise. Well, I now won't have any toilet related crises for a while, paper bleach and spray have been bought at incredibly low prices so at least I can poop in peace. Everyday life, but I ought to have a wife buying these things as well, and using them as just telling people online that I've done daily shopping is hardly living is it?

Being Friday already I can say the week won overall, all my business projects except one came to a happy conclusion, and besides that dental checkup which admittedly will only last 5 minutes I can relax. I don't mind eye tests and it's just a pain finding somewhere new after 15 years plus with the same place. And with no one around I have little else to think about besides these deadly dull issues, and as long as I can see to write and drive I needn't get in a fuss about that either. Sometimes I even bore myself, and the radio haven't called. Half an hour left and I'm going, but I think Iain probably didn't like what I wrote on his website...

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