Saturday, October 28, 2006

Shedding pubic hair

Before I leave for the weekend I am drawn back here to look over the past week. Though productive it became boring, probably because what I did, however productive was in itself pretty boring. Driving round the same roads I have all my life taking photos of familiar and less familiar trees roads and houses. The results I admit were amazing at times but mainly as I still returned with the camera to an empty house and had no one to talk to besides taking a neighbour up the road probably explains most of it. No solution either. Next week the clocks go back so the indoor phase will arrive and I've been told about some paintings I can do next which will stop me wasting time doing other things ie internet. Some of the time.

The whole outside world is almost accessible here and far better people than currently in my real life but besides the odd revolting quality printout (which I no longer do besides written work) it creates nothing solid. But it does allow me, like the earlier video games, to practice my skills and may eventually get paid for it. No reason why not technically, just severe competition and lack of connections. Also all the remaining housework will be possible as I don't have photos to take, and get the ones I have into a hardback album now the list is virtually finished for now. There are new areas for next year if I want to, all miles away as evey part of the local scenery has been covered in the last 11 months with about 600 photos. I wonder if blogging is going to die soon as so few people bother to write and that in turn loses readers, so I expect people are getting the same 60% drop in hits as me all over. Or they just think I'm boring. Well, it's all there is. I can only write what I know, and it's mainly about presentation and I do my best. But I won't post a picture of my cock even though it would probably attract a few more readers, probably gay with my luck.

It seems a bit of an evil air has been around this week. Nothing evil happening really but it seems something isn't as it should be. It may go or it may mean more, and considering my business has been sorted out it shouldn't really be a lot, but I will have to wait and see. I don't raise any hopes now, especially since losing my best shot at TV fame. Why say a programme is for Sky 1 when it's not going to be shown at all? So when I found two of the best women I knew on Friends Reunited one probably didn't know me and the other who did has apparently finally run out of patience with me for letting her go twice. My last chance at a second chance and no more I can do about fixing it. Unless she's so busy she waits till the weekend before doing her email (like anyone in the western world with broadband does that nowadays) I think she is dust and ashes. And that was my fault, my karma and my punishment for letting her go at all. To add to everyone else since whenever it was I got that lucky.

Little else to report, I know a few people say they are reading this so hello my regulars, but people through blogspot seem very thin on the ground. Like women's pubic hair around the menopause. One of those things you discover as you get older. Saves a bit of maintenance I suppose...

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