Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Wednesday review

Though I say it myself, I took some bloody good photos today. It pissed with rain, stopped just before 3 and I got enough done before it all came down again. With the clocks about to go back I'm cramming them all in and looking at many features of North London on a photo makes them look a lot better than if really there. Otherwise I technically need to do nothing but am required to. No actual shifts on that front but if you have a choice between pleasing authority figures and yourself, it's always better to please yourself and I haven't wasted a minute on that front. And someone on TV sold his framed photos on a market stall so maybe I'll look into it, but 10X8s plus a frame would probably set me back about £5 a go minimum and if you have a stall as well you'd really need to price them high. I will look into it, but use an existing outlet, I've done markets when I was young and that was enough.

Last night I found 5 more people on Friends Reunited. I only emailed most out of habit, none liked me in the 70s so wouldn't now but if you don't try for the small annual fee what's the point of joining every year? I also decided to email one in New Zealand as I knew her brother though she won't remember me I'm sure. I think only anyone desperate for company like me would go back for more after being spat out 30 years ago so I freely admit it. Number 5 was the opposite of all these qualities so who knows. The drama student from 1979 has been written off though I'll stick to plan B and email her next week just in case I can push her into replying.

Meanwhile BBC1 showed DIY SOS just now instead of an hour special on identity theft. So they were actually perpetrating their own based on presenting one programme as another. Very ironic and the reason I'm here now and not watching it. I also just had to collect a few local therapy names for someone, I got 3, 2 had the same 4 digit sequence in the local number (not exchange) and one had 3 of them. Just the threes is 1000X1000, for a sample of two, this was 1000X1000X1000, about a billion to one. I wrote them down but only spotted it when reading them out. This demonstrates how arrangement can be found all over my life and many others, but be of absolutely no practical benefit. Besides about an hour on video there's shite on TV for the rest of the night, I may go for a walk if it isn't raining, otherwise I have plenty of stuff to keep me busy regardless of the absence of another person. Tomorrow and Friday are more or less free and I don't give a crap whatever I do though of course one photo trip is on the list at least.

I looked for fellow blogs to comment on last night and only found one from this year which was nearly all based on quotes by other authors. Highly original. It's not a magazine, it's a diary, and if you want a single topic entry use a normal dedicated website, it's not what blogs are for! Anyway, I think I'll go over to Funtrivia and stir up some trouble. There's sod all else to do.

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