Thursday, October 05, 2006

Little things to do

As it's raining today there's little or no point going out just for the hell of it, and the photos wouldn't be up to much either. But the list of little jobs to do could keep me here for a week if they take longer than they appear to, and they are all quite interesting ones. Despite a huge pile of paper being removed from my desk another remains, so that's one. I found a pile of stuff missing from my main site when I posted it here first and it'll take ages to find the 4 entries that need copying. I may even get some of the stuff back in the new kitchen from the boxes once I run out of things to do. Other jobs out were mainly done over the weekend so I'm in a rare position of having little to do that has to be. I only have simple requirements and have been out enough millions of times to not need that particular route very much now. If there's enough to do here I'm happy to stay in, even alone, and will go for a walk or bike ride if the weather allows.

If by the end of the day one area, eg my desk is different it will be a bonus. I've sent a few business emails that may bear fruit, and the ridiculous job of clearing my hotmail chain letters sent by friends (ie read or delete) is also on the system. Maybe after yesterday's rejection I'll call Iain Lee again just for the heck of it. Otherwise the day will drift on as always and as soon as I start having fun the time has passed and it's over already and I've only done a few jobs and ended up playing quizzes or looking at model cars online as usual. But given the incredibly limited selection of options who would do much else?

So, could anyone feel guilty for such a life? And if so why? These circumstances weren't my choice and all efforts made to leave them were met with rejection so big deal. Little else today, so far. What more can I say?

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