Sunday, October 01, 2006

Space for rent

Do I spend a week trying to contact blogger? I left a post half finished (it was seriously depressing, probably a blessing) but rather than leave it all on saved as draft. On my return it died as draft. I tested it and it does not save anything as draft though I think it did once. Silly bastards. What's the button for if no longer used? Some sod would write three sides, save as draft and 'poof'. Not even in limbo, recover post and it returns half the previous one (tiny memory). That's one less tool I'll be using now. I won't even try and remember what I wrote already as it was basically about how I may never have anything worthwhile to do for the rest of my life, unless seeing this is a phase will end it by itself.

And looking back on one of the quietest weeks of my life, though I avoid work (though not the resulting money) like the plague there's so little else it's a void whichever way I look. I do hear the tiny amount of business I do (paid and unpaid) is of such quality that it is valuable in itself, but a) that's for other people, and b) it doesn't fill in the rest of my time in any useful way. And I know telling people won't make a thing change but I just report what is. I met one nice new person at least, so they do exist within my range, but that was it. I barely left the house besides usual visits to family, I bought the bare minimum of stuff for the house and am now almost out of meals. That's all I eat, ready meals, as I refuse to do anything more complicated than eggs or spaghetti and see little point in changing that. Salad tastes OK but is such a bitch to wash, dry and cut into pieces I may be dead before I complete one. And if you spend £8 a kilo for salad bags (still usually unwashed) half of it goes black after 3 days as they put in so much.

The radio can currently only turn up the infinitely overrated Nick Abbott, who has an unknown female sidekick he is waffling with about tabloid trash subjects. It's that or listening to Mike Dickin talk about parking tickets. What a choice. Hell? I needn't die, it's all here. I can't even get a map with an escape route, as if there is one someone still has to create it. Meanwhile it feels like my time is being so wasted I may never use any of it usefully again, I seem not to have last week and no more ahead. Apparently.

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Philosopher Newport said...

what matters most is how well you walk through the fire

changes will come soon enough

be careful what you wish for