Wednesday, December 07, 2005

beyond a title

Am I really going round in circles? Not exactly, but whatever rewards life may appear to offer I skirt round them very effectively most of the time, and was so tired today I rose to all required occasions but wonder how I'll be able to do many more if the tiredness continues. If I was suffering from some chronic but not life threatening disease I'd understand fully, as sometimes it feels just like it, and my reactions would be perfectly reasonable. But if you look at the 2005 stresses I've had (which are mostly reported here) they have clearly taken their toll physically as well as mentally, and I really need a guaranteed few weeks with no stress and not alone, which is only available in a hospital in my case! (which is the last place I'd want to be). So having to be in the real world regardless as long as there isn't some lurking blood disease or the like, I'll just have to go with the flow.

The hits are truly amazing here, (unless some wiseacre is adding them on purpose, which I can check in a few minutes so not effective) and I now know I'm not writing for an audience of two or three. I can only say how pleased I am, and it's good to know it's not just a mirror to reflect my own feelings off but going further.

Anyway, today was the big one of the week, I've done all that work I had to do and can more or less relax again. I hope to do my next photo run tomorrow, there have been people near and far bringing back memories looking at scenes of Golders Green Road, including an expat who used to live just behind it. Spotting gaps in the market is what I do, mainly by looking up things and finding no information on them. That's why I started my main site, and have linked many people since it started who would otherwise not have known about each other again as I was the only source online. Therefore my perfect ten concept may or may not be up already, as I don't intend to make a site for it I won't bother to look, but either way it's a cracking idea that needs one. Local views of anywhere are surprisingly absent from the net. I have managed to get views of main shopping centres round here to show friends abroad where I live, but little else and I'd struggle to find many equivalent suburban scenes anywhere in the world as most people consider them too boring to take. Now if you're taking them and showing them locally, of course they are, but to people around the world a view of any foreign scene can be interesting as it's different. I saw a potential in that but few if any others have. So I may make sod all money but all that time allows me to build up creations I'd probably get a fraction of done if I was working for someone else. As long as I pay the bills as well that situation suits me fine. And ultimately creations of all types have the potential for making money, and far more than you get in a menial job.

As there isn't much more going on I'll do a list of some of my little long-term projects that are on the go, and maybe the googles will lead the people who can help back to my questions here.

1) Looking for old friend Ronald Olivier. Last seen London 1975 before returning to Holland where his father of the same name worked for Fluor in Haarlem. They lost track of him as well apparently and all telephone directories came up blank as well.

2) Trying to contact holiday friend Tatjana Blacher. Traced to Berlin where she's always lived, found an entry for her brother's name but received no reply. She's now a famous actress there and looks just as I remembered her.

3) Trivia questions remain unanswered. a)Why do children with fair hair usually darken as teenagers? b)In 1999 what was the World Downhill skiing championship held in America which split the contestants for the proper championship in Europe? c) What was the car I saw in 1985 with windows that came down half way into the doors? There is the Subaru SVX but the one I saw had much lower windows and was out ten years earlier. d) Which country made Hondas with huge vertical and horizontal chrome grilles in the 1990s and what were their model names? There are many other unidentified cars I want to know, but can't do justice to in writing only.

4) Getting all the broken stuff around my house fixed without spending all my money as well.

5) Waiting for one (or more) of four paintings to sell in the gallery.

6) Find a friend I can (and want to) visit regularly since the last one emigrated.

7) Seeing if any of my published articles can ever attract a paying publisher.

8) Find someone prepared to repair my garage roof.

9) Looking for growing list of missing items, many quite large like books in a relatively small house.

Now added to my earlier list of old friends who I have lost track of (many by their choice I fear) if anyone can answer a question or locate a person it'll have done its job yet again posting it online.

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