Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Well, so far everything's more or less gone to plan today, as you can see I got my Hampstead Garden Suburb photo trip done at last, and have 35 reasonable pictures from it. One thing I must always remember is to not feel guilty when I piss away part or all of a day, as I pay my bills and am really answerable to no one. Just looking from other's points of views I don't fit in, but the many people I know who are in the identical position I am in of course will not see me as different. And unlike me, none of them seem to feel the slightest bit guilty about it like I do. Anyway, it's a habit I have to break, along with many others I spot now and again.

It's a good incentive having people over, when there's a good reason to clear up the house it gets done a lot quicker, just as it does when people are actually here as it takes my mind off it. Tomorrow's also free besides the evening, I may make it to Sunnyhill Park in Hendon, with some of the widest views in North London, and some very nice corners. Otherwise I intend to really get stuck into my painting as I haven't had a proper chance for a couple of weeks.
I'm also, after almost 6 years, becoming a bit more daring on my forums, as being too diplomatic and holding back opinions can mean missing some cracking discussions just for the sake of avoiding possible conflict. I realised generally, partly from having years of it with my family, I had tried to close every possible route to conflict even where I was probably in the right. Now I realise as long as I'm both prepared for it, and know the worst that can happen getting a bit of stick isn't so bad as long as I know how to keep it relatively under control. I have lost my earlier fear anyone I knew may drop me if we get into an argument, as they haven't, and my fear of being banned from forums, especially when you consider what some of the real 'characters' can get up to.

So, that's the current situation, my visitors are expected in about an hour so I've got a few more things to do first, and wonder if I'll get away with keeping the football on...
As you can see, I'm having fun with the HTML codes now, and brightening up my posts a bit.

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