Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Decent site alert!

Now this is the sort of site I like.

US and Canadian railway stations.

Of course I have many UK ones of my own, but I'm not about to scan them all in, yet...

This however is a very thorough collection of local views in the UK Spondon. Sadly Spondon, like 90% of the British towns I've visited is a typical shithole, which is no fault of theirs but going further and doing a simple Yahoo image search of shops, the majority are British and the succession of miserable Victorian apparitions combined with prefabricated asbestos from the 50s and 60s, and anonymous 1930s blocks with floors of flats above make me almost embarrassed to be British...
We have many of the best places here, but so many of the worst as well

Stoke On Trent

However, from watching CHIPS and many other US series (as well as two visits since) these are the sort of shops I like to see, which are totally absent in the UK, and such free-standing signs as they have there are mainly illegal here as well. Here's a lovely example of the sort of places

Dothan Alabama shops

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