Thursday, December 22, 2005

Blowing in the wind (part one)

Today was totally free, and as usual I had a list of options, depending on other conditions, which may get done. It just showed everyone (as I already knew), most of what we do is decided by outside influences more than us. Even apparent arrangements and jobs we have are arranged with other people, so rely on them to tell us what we'll do. And my photos don't depend on my choice, they are up to the light, the weather, when I wake up etc. So that's set the scene, today had a list of preferences but as usual didn't follow the reality.

I began in front of the TV, and once the cat arrived on my lap made some phone calls (one of my essential tasks) as it meant she could stay there. Then as I got the food I needed last night the trip to the local shops was postponed and I decided to see how much I could do indoors, starting with my picture which hadn't been touched for over a week. But Lucy had decided to sleep on it (which I cover up knowing she does that) as it was by a radiator, and rather than disturb her came back to (though I intended not to for hours) the computer and posted a couple more photos in various places. Then back to the phone, and wrote this at the same time (typical multitasking) which I am posting now. And it's part one as it's just gone 8pm and I still have some time to see how many more jobs actually get done, if any, which will be contained in part two. I did also read another blog which listed the interesting things they'd seen that day as there was nothing else to write about, showing writers of all types have to find the interest beneath the obvious. I haven't left the house (well, it is December and the day after the shortest day) so saw nothing new as it's all the same old views indoors! More to come later. Bye!

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