Thursday, December 15, 2005

I've broken it...

Having decided to take a total day off today (mainly as I had absolutely nothing else to do) I started on the computer to do my postings early instead of up till 4am as usual. That was 4 hours ago and I haven't left once! No value judgements either way really, just a fact, like a true addict. Obviously the rainbow post took a good part of that time but then I had nothing in particular to do, and just discovered one job led to another, and continues now.
So generally there's not a lot to report, besides the previous post that the minute I tidied up my main site links to hide the URLs as soon as I used the link to check my webcam the lot went down. I've stopped and started everything since then but the site is down down down.
It's nice for a change there's no urgency around, no letters to reply to, dodgy appointments, shopping or any of the usual annoyances of life that won't get done by telepathy. How long it'll last who can ever know, but I'll bask in the cold and dark Kingsbury December until it stops.

On an altogether different track, nasty comments and paranoia still abound, though thank goodness not on this site now. It's not healthy not to get over past issues, especially when the whole story has been misunderstood, and despite numerous attempts to explain to the 'injured party' have been overlooked. But all I can say is the latest accusation to my character is totally incorrect, and the comment I made that sparked it off was reiterated in the form it was meant but clearly ignored. As it's not possible to pass this message directly as I should do, I'll just write it here as it will probably get through, and if the comment can be clarified again in private I'm only too happy to do so. But in the meantime, stop the sniping! You know who you are! End of message.

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