Sunday, December 25, 2005

Spike Milligan

I just saw the TV programme about Spike Milligan, which fitted in very nicely to my material on genius and mental illness, and showed Jews don’t (as pointed out with Dudley Moore) have the monopoly on either. His brand was the manic, literally, which meant he was able to produce at a frantic rate until the depression came in. He said something I also realised, if the creativity door’s open, make the most of it while you can, and he did all his life. Of course for all I know his mother secretly had an affair with her refugee gynaecologist from Eastern Europe, Dr Herman Wasserstein, but we’ll never know.

Back to the present, I just called Tommy Boyd about my blog dilemma, to reveal or not to reveal. He seemed to sense a deep psychological need in me sharing my life and ideas with potentially the world, and asked me what my reasons were I wanted people to read what I wrote. I said mainly to entertain and teach, but he seemed to think it was more of a cry for help. Of course I sometimes put little messages in my writing which one in a million of the people I aim them at may read them, but basically I write to be read just as I don’t talk to myself if I can help it. I will see if any hidden motive pops up, but loneliness is only a factor behind a creative urge that has been there as long as I can remember whether I was lonely or not.
Allison, the co-presenter, explained why women don’t like to be admired as the man may become a stalker. A dreadful but accurate view of the standard female opinion of any man without a woman. Like loan companies, they only like lending to people with money. Put me with a woman and they’ll all come dragging after me just because I appear desirable. It does happen.

After being on Funtrivia for a while, I started dreaming I met members, and some time later did so, but different ones. Well after talking to Tommy last night, I dreamed I had a call with a fellow blogger (call me here to find out if it was you) about my blogging situation, and unlike most dreams was a very sensible conversation. I wonder if he does sound as he did in it?

Well, it’s still just Christmas day, and this was one of the quietest for years. I went to my grandma for dinner with my Dad, and did bugger all the rest of the day. Good enough for me. And the TV (thanks to digital and the fact that though it was all repeats they were ones I missed the first time) was a lot better than the last few years. Again, I won’t plan ahead too much for the next week, I intend to carry on with the same projects as before, but also have to get the lot out of my kitchen cupboards for the new ones that are going in soon after new year’s. More photos are planned, but I have to get up in time to catch them before it gets dark. In a couple of weeks I’ll be ringing the TV company to hopefully finally discover the date for transmission but I won’t hold my breath. Finally I hope Tommy will be reading this, and if so I’d love to know, though you can in private of course (and do you write in your forum I wonder?).

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