Thursday, December 01, 2005


I had plans to go on my next photo run, to my old road in Hampstead Garden Suburb, but after two nice days it was pissing down when I got up, and is almost dark at 3pm. So I'm blogging early today though I haven't yet done anything...
Yesterday was better than usual, after returning from Golders Green sorted all the photos and they already grace websites all over the world. I realised looking at other albums people abroad appreciate areas we take for granted, and it's so easy to point and snap with a digital camera I now have a new hobby.

Though she may now read this and get embarrassed, I'll say it anyway, a very nice friend came over soon afterwards and we had an enjoyable time till she had to go, and then I just watched TV for the rest of the evening, at least knowing I hadn't been alone all day as I frequently am at home. Apart from the photos, finishing the painting and usual household chores I really don't have any plans now. Thank god my money is now sorted out after months of aggro, I just hope it lasts now.
The rain also gives me the chance to solve another long mystery, books and many other items have been absent from my house, apparently, and with only a cleaner who's unlikely to remove anything valuable let alone any old rubbish means it's a lot easier to hide relatively large items in a relatively small house than it seems. I already think I've turned over every drawer and cupboard besides check all the bookshelves but I actually need a few items and will just keep looking.

A few more oddities, I got a woman on a dating site who was dead keen, and as soon as I gave her my number as she wanted to phone nothing happened. Maybe the times I said I was around gave away the fact I didn't actually have a job, but if anyone judges you for that they can bloody well piss off!
My digital radio seems to have died after just over a year, though all digital appliances freeze up (no idea why) it always returned after removing the power supply, but not today. I'll have to call the helpline tomorrow, but see a trip to the workshop ahead somehow. Any clues how to awaken a digital circuit despite freezing with the power off are all welcomed.

So, I hope the day will pick up, I now have the prospect of choosing which naff job to do first (if I do), wash more sheets, empty the bin, look for my books, and maybe even finish the painting as I have about 4 hours before I go to grandma's. Coffee first though, and then who knows? I don't make the rules...

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