Saturday, December 24, 2005

Celebrity meetings

OK, here goes, all the celebrities I remember speaking to, and how I met them. Enjoy, or not.

Clement Freud - at book fair when I was about 8
Topol, Leslie Crowther- clients of my neighbour
Liberace- met in antique market
Roy Hudd- signing books
Lynsey De Paul in a gym I was working in. Gorgeous!
Harry Hill- filming opposite my grandma's house
Anne Charleston (Australian actress)- in theatre cafe
Dave Bassett (football manager)- came to crowd at match
Ron Moody- friend of family
Jim Dale- took son to our school
David Threlfall(actor) Met in an after-show party at the theatre, along with the cast (except Dinsdale Landen) and writer. This (along with my similar meeting with Anton Rodgers) shows the power of writing to actors, as you can get invited to see them, as I did twice.
Russ Abbott (comedian)- met in car park
Anton Rogers (actor)- met after TV programme filming
Uri Geller- at his show
Lionel Blair- gave us a music lesson in 'Oliver!' (amateur production)
Toyah Wilcox-Came to my house for a band audition, I got it but decided not to join as it wasn't my sort of music and I had my A levels to do. Needless to say this was before she was famous.
Valerie Singleton and Christopher Trace- visit to Blue Peter
Jim Henson, Stan Flashman- when I used to make deliveries in a van
Bill Oddie- in a shop
Mike Osman (comedian)- at Capital Radio roadshow
Jason, Becki, Dan and Kitten from UK Big Brother 5- outside studio
John Hollins (footballer)- at Chelsea FC
Arthur Mullard- on bench by Hampstead Heath
John Williams, B.B. King, Lonnie Donegan, Tom Conti- through family music business
George Layton, Sue Cook, David Bedford, Julia Somerville- served in shop

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