Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Breaking my rules...

I just heard my kitchen delivery's about 9am tomorrow, so rather than being in bed I'm still driven to do this first. As I can't have sex before I go to sleep (preferred activity) I have to have something I can bloody well rely on!

I've reached page 55 in Newport's book (see previous comments) and have to say we must have been part of a communal mind. How many people apart from myself and Newport constantly lobby for the outsiders of the world (as I certainly am- half his descriptions applied to me), and agree that the majority pretend we're not here, not worth touching, or at worst would like to get rid of us. And if we weren't here, how boring would their lives become? As I keep banging on, most of history's geniuses had mental or social problems, but the current generation usually are only aware of their great works, except for Van Gogh who's mental illness took precedence over anything else in many people's minds. The run of the mill and mediocre will keep the social machinery going, so items get delivered, power stations run, shelves get stacked and institutions get staffed, but many of these could be done literally by machines sooner or later, just as many jobs which are now automated took thousands of people in the past. And working a 40 plus hour week? In the 21st century? What a pile of crap! There isn't the need! Now as a long term drop out, even I could hack three days a week, and there'd be no unemployment in Britain if this was enforced as job sharing is a simple alternative and as well as prices dropping initially, many people would create from their hearts in their newly found spare time, just as I do, and probably earn more in their time off than their work. But who the fuck ever listens to common sense when the powers that be insist we need to work longer and longer hours to: pay for the rising population who are also living longer, save fuel costs, compete with the Chinese, and every other cockamamy slice of bullshit no one with a triple digit IQ ought to swallow. The moronic lorry drivers who incessantly call the radio bleating the government want to stop them working 80 plus hour weeks should be fucking shot. They are such brainwashed cretins they poison the water for everyone else by trying to turn the clock back to the industrial revolution, while the intelligent and quiet minority are trying to move the world kicking and screaming forwards.

I suspect Newport has tapped a vein in me that was already open but now fully functioning, and wonder if three people or more (ie Newport, myself and another) were to agree that conformity is not the way to go, a slow but certain movement of opinion would build up against both the bastards who try and maintain oppression and conformity and the idiots who follow it and do their advertising for them thinking they're trying to save their livings. I don't know, but the freedom of speech afforded me here allows me at least to say it, and though I agree with the book that I certainly didn't choose to live on the wrong side of the rules and shouldn't be judged for it, but realise the people who condemn me for it could well want me and everyone like me dead. Anyway, I know and have said many times out of work doesn't mean out of life. Being productive only means earning money for what you do when you get it. If you do exactly the same thing for nothing, as I do, what's the difference? In fact, while you lot out there are writing, painting pictures, playing the piano, fixing up houses and the like for money I'm doing it and not even getting paid! So it could be said I, like all the women looking after their children at home, am working just like you but for free! Even childminders (as I used to be a few evenings a week for years) earn a little money if it's someone else's children, showing childcare is work. So do tasks lose their value when not receiving payment? Of course not! I think I've made my case pretty well.

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