Thursday, December 15, 2005

They get around

Seems it's catching, like any other disease: I subtlely borrowed this from another blog as it looked so familiar, and I don't believe it's the same person doing all of them.


Sun, Oct 2nd 2005, 03:58 AM
someone with a life: ****ing blogging is for idiots with no life. nobody gives a **** what you think about the world. and more importantly - NOBODY ****ING READS THEM!!!!
Sun, Oct 2nd 2005, 03:56 AM
someone with a life: get a life you sad ****ers

OK, what about the people that read them, including the person who wrote this who says nobody does. Very constructive.


Stef said...

I'm an idiot without a life

... though I'm still not sad enough to waste it typing anonymous abuse on other people's blogs

David said...

The internet seems to sort out the sheep from the goats quite well (though personally I like both animals), those who create and those who can't and would rather destroy. Much like hard-line communism actually... (a little bit of politics thrown in for no extra!).