Thursday, December 15, 2005


Being a bit of a child, and a total hippy, finding the ability to use pretty colours means I had to fully exploit it. Maybe bringing in a bit of the psychedelic feel and atmosphere of the 60's, which I remember fondly, will
possibly shift the world of the web gradually to something more reminiscent of the good times, rather than the tough and hard 2000s. Other people may pick up the idea, and a whole movement of hippy culture could
revive as a result of this small start by me, by many who remember it and have it instilled deep in their blood and soul, waiting to come out after any reminder from outside, ready and waiting to let the peace and love flow
rather than the stress and aggro of this decade. In fact, the content and poetry contained in this passage is only the vehicle for the art, I could use random letters and characters, but hidden in this rainbow is a clear
message, that whatever goes on outside it is possible, even in the smallest way, to change things, and add something new which is entirely yours, and totally original. But it's not even started by me, on memory, as Rainbow George
has started this long before me, so really I'm following his example without even realising it until I got to this point. His Rainbow Alliance has been spreading the same message throughout Britain and Ireland
and the spirit of the 60s will spread and spread across the internet, from George and me until the sad grey pages of the world become a spiralling mass of colour. Paint the whole world with a rainbow.

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