Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Withdrawal from society...

As I was up bloody late last night/morning I got up too late to take any photos again, though at least my time was spent on trivia research, which would have been done today otherwise so was used productively. Though the snow thankfully melted almost immediately once it stopped it was too late for me. I have a useless fact page on my website that specialises in geographical oddities in Britain, like duplicated roads and place names. After a trivia question I had to spend over an hour looking for a pre 1965 map of Middlesex as that was when it was abolished officially. I discovered three breaches where the Thames didn't maintain a boundary between Surrey and Middlesex or Buckinghamshire, which is odd to say the least. I also found exactly what goes inside most of the little green cabinets on roadsides used by the public utilities. Basically they log pressures and temperatures and some have modems connected that send the data back to the companies. For some reason these things have always fascinated me.

So while indoors I had a whole heap of stuff to do, and rotated jobs every half hour or so so I wouldn't get too bored, but by the end of the day the isolation had finally got to me, and I felt like I was in prison, as though I was allowed out there was nothing to do there either. It's hardly surprising after weeks working indoors this would happen, I really need some kind of social or financial distraction or the marbles will get loose again. Oi! I didn't say they already were! So I could have emptied all the kitchen cupboards already but I ran out of boxes, the painting is a really tough bugger but as long as I can cover over my mistakes should get there in the end. I just hope I don't become a recluse as I do at least half my shopping around midnight. It's good nowadays it is actually possible, but though shopping during the day in Kingsbury or Hendon has lost all its charms, I'll soon be getting a prison pallor, at least till the clocks go forwards again. I'm still visiting family members most evenings, so do get a change of scenery, but at present the bare minimum. But I won't go anywhere now for the hell of it, and though it may be testing my sanity now when I am at home it is very satisfying to look back and see all the things I've done at the end of a busy day. And if I don't do it nobody will, and the house will end up like the garden already has, wild and uninhabitable.

Tomorrow has no plans during the day, and as it's still holiday week I have very little on till the week after. I expect and assume tomorrow will be a continuation of today, but the many jobs are less than half done and do take hours (or more, for the painting). So it's good in a way I'm forced to get them done with no alternatives as if the kitchen fitter came next week with everything still in the cupboards he'd only charge me more to do it. All I can say is if only there were woman auctions like car auctions. Wouldn't life be easier! (feminists, I'm joking!*)

*Joking means something incongruous or sarcastic most people find funny. I have to say this here as feminists don't actually have a sense of humour, let alone understand the concept.

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