Thursday, December 15, 2005

I sympathise

Rise and fall, this poor sod as many of us do appears to have come up against the same pitfalls as I did when beginning blogging, but it killed him off totally. Like me, he clearly (though I haven't yet gone and looked) wrote about some very personal aspects of his life, told his friends to read, but clearly wrote about them and apparently lost half as a result, plus even pissing off his family. But he also acknowledges the prizes I have also gained. An improved writing style and vast new awareness of details in everyday life knowing you may write about them later.

Here's his web page so you can see it in all its glory. I see it as a monument to the best aspects and biggest pitfalls of blogging, and one I also had to tweak about with to avoid allowing possible readers I mentioned from getting severely peed off with me. Though I don't mind being written about as long as not libellous, many people would shit themselves even if all that was written was complimentary, despite the fact most bloggers rarely identify the people mentioned. And another of his posts I sympathise with (though he is clearly well under half my age so has more excuse) his trouble with women .
And far, far better than the highly disappointing blog I read previously from someone in Hampstead who could only post endless links and pointless pictures lifted from image searches. Please every time give us the personal stuff over the geekdom!

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