Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Perfect tens

I was roving with the camera this weekend and realised one of the ladies (I am over 40, I can say 'ladies') I requested a photo of was another perfect ten out of ten, in my own opinion of course. Unfortunately, as I expected, she was too shy to accept, so here are the other two I have photos of. Both were attempted girlfriends but I never made it past first base, one reason why I'm such a miserable sod years later.


Sarah (sadly mislaid my flash, the other picture didn't look like her so you'll have to imagine the light's ok...)

It occurred to me just now a pretty amazing (and quite probable gap in a massive market) would be a perfect ten site (men and women) where we can all do as I have and post every person we believe to be just what we like with no possible room for improvement. In fact after Carol I never expected to see anyone better, but ten years later I did, as Sarah was someone beyond any other level I'd come across.

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