Saturday, December 03, 2005

Silly blogger

No idea why it took my brain so long to do it, I've had a counter on my main site for ages, and all this concern over how many readers we have is just remedied by adding a counter here. Bloody obvious really...
Well, despite it not showing except on the preview I just added one (cut and paste the code in your template) so hopefully if it chooses to update it'll be visible to all. The blogger software is pretty arcane actually, as it takes up to four days to publish new posts, though some arrive the second I click publish, and it varies from person to person as I've had comments emailed a day before I even had the post up to read. Now the latest trick is not starting a new page each month so I've got a scroll the size of a twin tower (I sometimes have to work at bad taste but it usually comes automatically) especially since the photos were added. I hope it'll settle down to normal soon as if it's blog-wide we'll have some serious reading to do to find anything earlier than today.

I've had a seriously trivial week besides my webcam activities (rained off since Thursday). Rather than keep it to myself I may as well add it here just to see what goes on beneath the threshold of normal blog reporting.
I was supposed to host a weekly online quiz this morning, and last week the scorer volunteered after everyone else had gone and we both didn't inform anyone she was scoring. I then got a last minute message from the boss who offered to score, I assumed scorer #1 had had to pull out and sent her the questions. It was only when we all arrived in the chatroom I realised the boss didn't know my other scorer had volunteered so we lost a player due to both having the answers. Then only four people turned up and one had to go as there was a storm and he had to unplug his computer, so the quiz is delayed till next week. I was then going to take the pictures I missed on Thursday and it started pissing down again. Therefore I went straight to the office where I work one day a month to update the VAT inspector, who's been a regular visitor for a while and makes Fawlty Towers look a pale imitation of reality with her incredible queries and desperate rushes to find missing invoices. This is hopefully the last job for that inspection as it's now up to date.

I have literally no plans ahead besides intricate detailing on my picture which will at least stop me getting bored this week, though my postal course is calling me next, but the reading list (apart from about £70 worth of specialist books) would take me a year to get through if I read it all. I suspect 90% of it duplicates the course material but I won't know till I read it. Catch 22 but I'll have to check it all out somehow. It's on post traumatic stress and I hope once I've read through the frightening descriptions it may come out with some effective treatments as apart from tablets I'm not aware of any besides relaxation and regression hypnosis and hope for the best. It's a tough bugger or it wouldn't cripple people so badly in the first place.
I'm taking the camera to the gym tomorrow, my main target is off for a while but will ask everyone else I know if I can take their pictures, and post a sort of 'Big brother' album on my picture site, which until I can suss out the way to add links on the template (Stef, help!) will remain here
my flickr site

Well, I have to get there now before it closes, let's hope all the additions I'm adding to the blog will actually work sooner or later as there's a major empire to build one way or another!

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David said...

Hooray! The counter's working!