Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Blimey! Two days after installing the counter and I've had 54 hits!
My MSN site's been up almost 5 years and in the few years that had one got just over 7000. Of course the blog system links us automatically so it's not so hard to be found, but I am impressed! That should easily generate 10,000 in a year if it continues, and shows like calling phone ins, many read but few comment. Melanie Phillips may quote me yet (instead of vice versa).

Nothing achieved or memorable since Saturday otherwise, though there's no room for boredom ahead as I have a few photo runs planned, and need to do the detail on the painting and a fairly heavy postal course which should be done by May at the latest. Any visitors will be nice as well, with a couple more or less set up already.
Otherwise the same rule applies (which I've just written an article about as it happens), don't look ahead as you don't know what's there however long you try.

But I will imagine a few nice ones as dreaming can be good for the mind.

One of my Funtrivia friends comes to London
I sell two paintings (if you dream, dream big!)
One of the women I tried this year calls me again
A single woman is the person moving next door (I still don't know who it will be)
Someone offers to fix my garage roof for a sensible price, and take the rubbish away from inside it
I hear my friends from America are moving back here

These are technically possible but all less than one per cent. But why pretend you wouldn't like more?

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