Monday, January 09, 2006


I didn’t set up this site to become a headmaster, but when evil children start bullying other innocent ones using my name I have no choice.
Attacking people on the internet is so easy. It’s virtually untraceable and we can all do it. But like stealing from a blind man, just because it’s possible and almost impossible to get caught, most people still don’t do it. They can, nothing will probably happen to them if they do, but they have morals.
Now the relative very few who don’t basically won’t care and can’t be taught mostly. But we notice and one by one people will realise and leave you. In the end you’ll be left with a few others around just like you and maybe a few idiots who can’t see it. So you lose in the end.

I can’t teach a cow to write or a horse to do equations, I know words can have no teaching effect at all on this individual. But anyone who attacks innocent people is robbing the blind and this behaviour is that of a psychopath, ie one who isn’t aware of the feelings of other people. Their suffering is impossible to comprehend, and all they are aware of is how they feel themselves and not others. Otherwise it’s impossible for a mature adult to do anything as cruel as what took place earlier today via this site. I think that covers it and I can only publicly apologise to the victim of this disgusting behaviour and hope maybe the perpetrator will find a new hobby that doesn’t involve believed revenge.