Friday, January 13, 2006

Half a day

I had the whole day off today (though I expected one visit later but it was cancelled). I hoped to get most of the stuff back in the new kitchen after being busy Tuesday and Wednesday, did less than an hour, mainly washing up, but as I started taking a few pictures at a local traffic intersection had to upload them, and about 5 hours later I'd barely left the computer all bleeding day, as per...
I think there was some benefit in what I did, as well as getting some new photos on, I discovered tags yesterday purely by chance, and finally tagged my flickr photos and looked at some amazing others in the same areas, including an identical one I took a few years later of St Mary's church in Hendon. Clearly each area has a few of its best views and the locals all discover them sooner or later.

So though a few boxes are lighter around the house, with some pans and larger items washed and put away, the biggest box hasn't even been started on and I still have half the rubbish they left to take out. Man around the house? I need a bloody servant sometimes, (I do once every two weeks but till she comes it's down to me), and as there's room for three people at least in the house I feel cheated having the whole lot to do by myself. But it's only one day in the big picture, and one hope is if something I do builds up, gradually or suddenly, into something professional. I may well have my first offer shortly, after proof reading Nick Roach's book, and getting more mistakes than the rest put together, my course turned out to have a few typos per page, and when I offered to highlight them was told the writer had two books on the go and needed a proof reader. Now that's my kind of work. I can spot a penny in a desert or a five pound note in a box of loose papers, as basically if something is different it stands out for me. Apparently not for everyone, which is why so many mistakes get in books etc. (though I was just shown two in a quiz I made over three years ago. Over 100 people took it and only one person told me they were there.).

I did my own illustrated letter yesterday, and I'll see if it can be read from a photo and post it if it can. It was dire, but at least people can see what I came up with. I really need someone to collaborate with, and not with four legs as that just leaves paw marks over everything. At least...

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