Saturday, January 21, 2006


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I've never blogged a Flickr picture before, but when I recently said London combined many of the best and worst places I've ever seen, though I try and take the best ones, here's one of the best examples of the worst you'll ever see, possibly in the world.

Unfortunately Hitler's bombs were indiscriminate so left most crap like this untouched. The true owners and rulers of London not only choose to keep outdated and frightening buildings, but as showed in a recent post, are now building them like this again. Luckily Hampstead Garden Suburb (the lot) is listed, but with other areas gradually going downhill, it'll just mean the prices there will rise until only Arabs and aristocrats can afford it, like Bishop's Avenue. It's actually mainly in East Finchley, surrounded by Hampstead Garden Suburb, except for the north end, so not bound by planning regulations. This means foreign royalty build palaces there that make Beverly Hills look more like Cricklewood. No class at all there though.

A typical example.

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