Saturday, January 28, 2006

Changing the world

Yes, due to a dearth of TV and alternative occupations (plus Funtrivia didn't load first time) I'm back here. I am exploiting the vein while it is still producing a continuous supply of material. No idea what's coming out here, and following professional channelers would very much like to see another being take over and show the world something impressive, as well as show me.
Mind you, besides the ideas I was already saving up for my second book which were covered in Conversations with God, most other channeled material is quite unoriginal and uninspired. Whether the ideas that flash into my head at times are from my subconscious or sent from outside I can't tell until something indicates it directly. But whatever my intuition tells me certainly doesn't come from direct experience, as I know how something is before I check it out, not after, when it does happen.

It would be easier to appeal to other people's intuition, rather than have to use a great deal of mental power to present a logical case to something I both know in my heart, and would like others to receive in their hearts by it just 'feeling correct' without the need for me to spell it out every time. Life would be so much easier if those given the information to share could shift mass attitudes simply like turning on a light in a dark room, where people just realise (as I do in the first place) 'Yes, that's just how it is'. It's not just me, I hear many people talk sense outside conventional wisdom/public opinion, and I reckon the tide of sense has to be growing as the last time I made a public tirade against political correctness (otherwise known as thought control) was only received with agreement (not as expected). There is a lot of painful and unnecessary crap in society masquerading as 'rules' and 'morals' but are designed to control the masses, while the rulemakers tend to do the exact things they ban us from doing (even like the police speeding). I started at primary school, standing on a desk ranting to the whole class in break against some rule or other, and carried on in prep school running petitions against cross country running and one to have co-education. I got lots of signatures and handed both to the headmaster. Nothing was done but it showed I could both get away with trying and get plenty of support. And you know what? No one else did anything similar while I was there.

So, I have a history, and the internet has given me another chance to do the same thing, but with life in general. Why hide your ideas? I do get plenty of opposition, as all whistleblowers and revolutionaries will. Why rock the boat, make a noise, and upset people? Well, look at the things I want to change. If I sit back and watch the world be taken over by shoddy buildings, secrecy, animal cruelty, hiding inventions from the public, etc etc, and just say 'Fine, that's how things are, I'll just accept places I knew lined by houses are now lined with blocks housing ten times as many people but we all have to use the identical roads as before, change all the words I use so I can't use 'foreigner', 'blackboard' or 'spastic', pretend it's OK for Muslims to slaughter animals in public over Eid (with legal protection in some European countries), and roll over and accept all the other crap that shouts at me to look at like seeing a misprint on a page.

People don't like us for it.

Well sorry, but were it not for 'people like me' we'd have no: worker protection, animal cruelty laws, consumers rights, or even a National health service.

If no one complained and campaigned against small and large faults in society they would persist as those in power make them not for the benefit of society, but for themselves. It's pure chance if the public win or lose as a result. Like shares. If the shareholders do well, who else does?

Water companies: Britain's water companies need to make money. How do they save it? They allow half (roughly) the water to leak out and then ration what remains as it's cheaper than fixing the leaks, and then put the prices up.

Oil Companies: Fiddle while Rome/Iraq/Afghanistan burns and they rake it in at the world's expense when the prices go up as a result.

Transport companies: Buses stop at 9pm in many British cities, and bus and train fares are being allowed to rise exponentially to 'improve quality and attract more people on to public transport' (The Times, Jan 21st).

I could go on for pages but I think you see where I'm heading. The same applies to every government that's ever governed. They legislate for themselves, if we win it's a bonus. Example. In Britain both the Conservatives and Labour wanted to ban bankrupt companies from the directors buying them back and reopening. This allowed them to stop paying their bills, and take over the assets the next day with no liabilities and is totally legal. People pay millions in deposits never to get it back while the directors can 'lose' the money and never have a penny traced. Both governments pulled out after it was clear it would affect their own people who liked to use this loophole for themselves.

So if you have been inspired to think of your own idiocy or injustice around you, tell people. Don't just lie back and roll over as you 'can't do anything as an individual'. You can. One person at a time. If you change the mind of one person from a lie to the truth it's a miracle as so few people are willing to change their closely held opinions. If each one changes another one, it'll spread until the lies are kept by the minority and lose their weight altogether. Post your views on the internet. It's easy and free. And secondly (for the 99% of people who need 'proof') prepare all your answers and arguments in advance. Don't let your views free until you know them inside out, or you'll be ripped apart and give up immediately!

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