Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Talk about a typical scene in my life. I was told the chair probably wouldn't arrive today as I ordered late, but as it was dark and wet I decided not to risk going anywhere, and at 5.45pm the chair arrived. Downhill from there. I spotted a little tear in the fabric, revealing it was all plastic. I rang the company immediately, who said the fact the advert said leather was just 'cheeky'.
The box also says luxury leather, so the manufacturers (who I will probably name) are even worse. Having a law degree is bloody useful, as even though I'm not a qualified practitioner, most everyday legal shit that happens is covered by it (as my friends are pleased to know) and this is not a contractual but a criminal issue, as it's misdescription under the trade descriptions act. Anyway, everyone has been contacted and besides the bloody thing taking up room until it's collected on Friday (it's a huge box) I'll see if they actually bother to prosecute them, as the trading standards have full details.
So I'm still on a wobbly and dangerous chair almost as old as I am, and shown mail order isn't always the holiday it seems. That's also why I have eight bits missing from my new kitchen, though they weren't even available in store.
Otherwise the builders next door actually didn't have their radio on (will it last?), so I had a nice quiet night, and after a 12 hour day, they're still banging away there. Rather them than me. I did around a 14 hour day once when I was 21, I did survive but would prefer never to repeat it, and as it was my last day in that job I never did. Quality rather than quantity for me, please. I've been washing more and more pans from the old kitchen, apart from having most left over from my parents' divorce, ie enough for three people, I don't even cook so really have no use for 90% of it all. I won't return it all to get dusty again, but just keep what I need and see what to do with the rest. I can always keep papers and things in the cupboards instead if it leaves room, kitchen or not.

Manchester Utd are live on TV in less than an hour (why I'm writing now) so with that and two hours recorded from channel 4 while it's on I'll have my work cut out later on (ha ha). But apart from the chair fiasco which was totally unavoidable I've done OK today as it was the housework day and I did more than last time. I can see the chair lasting another 3o years now, I really can't be bothered...

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