Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I really shouldn't but...

There isn't a bad or wrong time to blog, as like everything else in life, you can't wait till things are tidy before doing whatever you're doing. Life doesn't stop for anything else to fit in, so that's why I'm here now despite having nothing clear going on to report.
My kitchen fitter is finishing his first day, I was available for a few hours to put units together but by then he'd done so many it was quicker for him to carry on than let me learn from scratch. I put a few screws in and that was it, but was able to help remove the old kitchen so wasn't totally wasted being around. As I ordered online there were misunderstandings. On the profit I ordered three very expensive drawers for a unit that had them already (not advertised). They are still unpacked and returning for a swap. The loss side was for whatever reason, I ended up with an extra base unit. We only realised when we fitted them all in on the diagram once built and realised what was a base unit had been changed for two half units with drawers in one but I ordered both. I now have a £38 base unit constructed but with no doors or worktops, totally useless at present. We'll see if anyone comes up with a solution for that and hope there's no trouble exchanging the boxed drawers for other items. But by Monday it'll all be in and at worst I'll have an incomplete unit gathering moss in the garage for another ten years.

I called Clive Bull last night with my new video message, and he was actually very impressed with who host free video clips. I also got my link out again on the radio, which is always a great way of adding readers.
In the next few days I'm calling the TV company who hoped to have the transmission date at last, and am going to stay with my Dad tonight to keep out of the way. So everything's in the middle and in the air, and like any good tv series leaves everyone waiting to know how it turns out.

Links are really weird. I wanted to move the webcam link to the sidebar as well as the video greeting, and all I can think is blogger have disabled all video functions deliberately for an unknown reason, but pornography is a leading theory. So because people are tempted to expose their genitals on webcams, I don't get to link mine. Great. Youtube bans nudity, but I found some (without looking, thank you), and all I can think is it has to be post-moderated (you can tell I spend too much time online...) and the bosses get to see all the willies and poonanis before they delete them (after saving them to my documents...). As it's not illegal to share pornography online I assume they ban it in free sites as they can get far more dosh by hosting paid porn sites. I was very tempted to get adsense from Google on here, as I'd get paid for doing sod all. I don't know how much you get but I assume it's based on hits and I'm quite pleased with my numbers. But it seems like selling out, and if even one reader says 'Ugh, it's got ads', even if they're only round the edges, I'd rather have them back than the money.

I also did my html tag from memory today, if this sentence stays in after the preview, then I got it right! I'm off to the gym now to catch up on two missed weeks as it was closed for most of the holidays, I was back on Monday and just about everyone I know was there at the same time for the same reason, and it was good to see everyone again. Finally I left a comment as well but if Robert Woolley reads this please send me an email so I can talk about Kingsbury. It's a bit like being at school (please see me after the lesson) but as I have no other way if I don't say it here he won't get the message at all.
So the story has been a bit of everything, but that reflects life exactly as it is, and though I preferred to wait till a story was finished it's more literary to do it as it happens in real time. Today blogspot, tomorrow the Mail on Sunday. Think big, it may happen.

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