Saturday, January 21, 2006


Tommy Boyd, are you looking at this? I have found a solution to some of my blog dilemmas, simply to ask if someone minds being blogged in advance if I want to include them. Saves half a red face as the other half is when they read what you write, but I did say I only say nice things about people I know, all the venom is reserved for Jodie Marsh and others in the public eye who set themselves up for it.

So, who am I going to write about? This is someone my mum introduced me to about a year ago, and (red face alert!!) from my side clicked instantly with, something that rarely happens. She's an artist and also interested in all my spiritual and paranormal areas, and as I described in Continuity and quality here, fits that description of being 'right', though her interests don't extend to automobile trivia, number plates and ticket collecting, but I'd always been happy to pursue those interests on my own anyway! Hopefully if you are reading this, you have been at least partially prepared for whatever I may have written, and you'll be pleased to know a major issue of philosophy was also raised as I was writing this.
And that is how unusual it is for people to say nice things about others directly, and instead of being happy, the British culture is so tight arsed that when someone does pay someone a major compliment they're far more likely to be embarrassed and avoid you for the rest of eternity than actually be pleased. That is tragic, as knowing what someone you know thinks of you and it's actually nice is such a prize that it should never be ruined by the shock factor as it happens so darn rarely in this culture. Even married couples I come across will tell me how marvellous their other half is but often haven't told them. So as per bloody usual, David from Kingsbury comes along and breaks the boundary rules as if no one does they would stay around forever, so someone has to be one of the few to do the opposite, and as I said the other day, I always rise to the occasion (or bait) and thank god still have both my testicles.

So to tie in the passage with the story of today, I just spent a very nice evening at their house, as I always do, and part of that was spent on the computer and setting up my blog post about it. As I was just sent a link on to a t shirt advert on The Tommy Boyd forum saying 'I'm blogging you', which acknowledges the cultural shift where everyone has become a potential author and sees life with the additional view to will it make a good story. As my mother says, it's a pity I don't get paid for any of my exploits. I do enjoy it, but the added bonus of being able to get paid for what I do for fun would be something very useful. So, 'I've blogged you!'. For the first time (and possibly the last...) I've set myself up for a possible 'situation', but I can only tell it how it is, unless I want this to become a work of fiction, so have to be true to myself. Let's hope both my balls remain in place after this current exploit.


Anonymous said...

It seems to me that you need to listen (or read the lyrics to) this song. It's called "Time To Change" and it basically tells you that in order to achieve anything in life, you have to grow up, learn from your mistakes (something you don't seem to do).

"Autumn turns to winter and then winter turns to spring,
It's not just a season to know it goes for everything.
Clouds can turn to rain and then it just might snow,
You have to take a lesson from mother nature and if you do you'll know.

When it's time to change.
Then it's time to change.
Move by the time come along for the ride, don't you see
When it's time to change you've got to rearrange
Move your heart to what your gonna be.

Day by day it's hard to see the changes you've been through.
A little bit of living a little bit of GROWING all adds up to you.
Every boy's a man inside
A girl's a women too,
And if you want to reach your destiny here's what you've got to do.

When it's time to change.
Then it's time to change.
Move by the time come along for the ride, don't you see?
When it's time to change you've got to rearrange
Move your heart to what your gonna be."

Please, for your sake and for the sake of anyone who reads your blog, please take a lesson from this song and GROW UP.

David said...

You seem to be dead set on my reformation, though why you chose to add it to a post about someone else I'm not sure.

I was waiting for you to reveal your identity on Friday, and am still waiting.

As far as growing up is concerned I always respected the poor sods I knew who had to love on their own, that seemed harder to me than any full time job. And I think maybe I was right. As they say, try walking a mile in someone else's boots before you try and speak for them.