Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Child of the 60s

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Sharon said...

ummm ok

Sharon said...

ahh nothing like the days when we were young. Especially the music.

Philosopher Newport said...

tiny moments captured on film or tape, removed from their context, bunched together and perceived as an era. but them times were turbulent & violent on many levels. the 60's had more ugliness than beauty. and 99% of the hippie communes disintegrated due to disillusionment with actual, greedy, egotistical, insecure human behavior.

new boss, same as the old boss.

David said...

Very cynical- being under ten at the end of the 60s all I saw were the images without any political context behind them. People were no better or worse then than they are now, just different.
But the actual aims of the hippy movement have never been improved on since, just had many with egos that ruined it for the rest. But I'm sure many of the aims at the time are now incorporated into the mainstream, look at the Monster raving loony party- many of their policies in the 60s are now law!

Anonymous said...

There's something to be said about those photographs, David. All you saw was the love and flower power part of the 60s, and that is the part that you carry with you.

You weren't old enough then to know that the 60s had ugliness; there was drugs, kidnappings, murders, the Vietnam War, to name a few. But, you are old enough now to know what really transpired in the 60s, and, in my opinion, just having images of the love and fun of the 60s doesn't do the decade justice.

Everything in life is not all lollipops and candy floss.


David said...

Thank goodness I only had the innocence at the time that only filtered the true meaning of flower power. The rest is human ego, that never goes away but we were certainly moved in a better direction though the movement (as they all do) died out soon after 1970.