Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Thanks to Sharon, I was reminded I could get detailed statistics from my hit counter, and switched the function on over the weekend. I've learnt a few things from it, though I also need to learn what the details mean. The 'unique daily hits' appear to be a dual possibility, as the figures appear to tell me each day has the same visitors coming in about 6 times. If you enter the blog that's one, and make a comment probably two, but six?
If it means new visitors (there's no button that appears to display these) that would work, but so far it seems to be telling me I have about 8-9 visitors a day (including me!) who each come in an average of 6 times. Highly unlikely.

It also doesn't appear to have a tracker telling me who visits, though it can tell me the system and browser they use (like I need to know...). But it's my first go at reading the stats and I hope someone will explain what they represent and whether 9 visitors logging in 6 times a day is typical.

The next statistic is my new bedtime, from last night. I realised I musn't switch the computer on when I came home around midnight as I'd spend an average of three hours on it whatever I meant to do. I doubt I'll be able to cut off early, so at present am having to try cold turkey, and I'll keep you informed if I can keep it up.

Otherwise I've done my business for the day, and am bloody worn out (carrying 11 packs of tiles each weighing two stone in and out of the car in pairs would be one good reason) and clearly still suffering from two really poor night's sleep last week. But I did it and am pleased I have. The errant 'leather' chair has just been collected, just after I rang them to rebook the collection. The trading standards appear to be pursuing a prosecution (as they damn well should) and I really deserve compensation as I've wasted over a day hanging about, making phone calls and sending letters and emails and still have no new chair. And they just sent me an email asking me to buy the same chair. I've had no reply from the manufacturers either so it looks like a couple of firms may be heading for trouble as no reputation will be improved by selling fraudulently.

I've seen how annoying it is leaving personal messages in blogs, so I apologise in advance, but I just want to say hello if a certain person I mentioned on Friday is reading, and I hope you liked (ie didn't have a heart attack at least) what I wrote.
So far I now have a couple of days mainly free to recover from whatever I clearly have to recover from. I am still tired and a couple of free days are the best remedy apart from the obvious. I have to sort out which stuff to get rid of from the old kitchen, wash and put away the rest, and at least now have all the parts either ready or on delivery so the builder will have all he needs when he comes next week.

I'll finally mention (as it seems to be somewhere in my profile) it's my birthday on Sunday (46). I really believe the numbers cease to matter once you realise how little difference it makes past 30. My mum used to tell me when she had friends she both inherited from her own parents, and my age, that once you grew up age didn't matter, and I've discovered that myself. Once someone's about 30 they seem to have formed more or less who they are, and experienced enough unavoidably through life that they're no longer immature (check out big brother to see the divisions I mean). The food throwers vs the clearer ups for instance. Nearly always divided by age. We just have our fill of idiocy by average 30, and veer towards peace, quiet and conversation.
I'll probably have friends round on Saturday so I'll have people with me at midnight when the date turns over. If anyone locally reading wants to join us let me know, all well-behaved readers will be welcome! I know a number of people round here (relatively) who do drop in online so it could make an interesting evening. If it becomes an orgy I'll take extra credit, and may well become a regular event. Ah well, we can dream, unless Jodie Marsh turns up...

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