Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I miss

when blogger worked...

However, when I started peeing around when it wouldn't upload pictures, I pressed, in sequence, 'preview, compose', and found this.

Automatic font colours!

To think I'd been copying in HTML codes for weeks, and kept one colour (besides one post) as it took so damn long, and they've had auto colour the whole time!

So, until I can post what I meant to I'll just have a little fun.

If you follow the button sequence you get a lovely harlequin pattern following a T

I presume T is for text, and why on earth this button isn't placed on the 'create' page goodness only knows.

It also writes in the font you actually see when posted, so you could say one misfortune led me to discovering a short cut I'd literally never have found otherwise.

Someone on a forum just asked me about coincidences, and I was struggling to think of one. I think this qualifies.

If there's really a higher power now blogger will let me post my images before tomorrow, but either way

I made a profit!

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