Thursday, January 26, 2006


Park Avenue, Golders Green. A perfect example of quasi-rural architecture, built around 1910 as the private Park estate, North End. These now cost at least a million and as I went to school over the road knew many people who lived there. Another possible destination should my media success earn me a million plus (my backside I will...).

David's coming home! When I turn off the North Circular, this is the relatively recent (c1990?) landmark I see, the Holiday Inn Brent Cross, actually located in Cricklewood which is south of the River Brent in question. I drove past the flyover yesterday and in the space between the bridges carrying the road was the river, and two men were fishing in it! The last time I looked the river was almost dry, and certainly doesn't seem to move even when full. Goodness knows what they expected to catch there. The building itself was destined for an early demolition to make way for Ken Livingstone's proposed Cricklewood Towers, which look like something from Dan Dare but have apparently been given a reprieve, especially as the earliest date for the towers will be around the 2020s. I used to go there occasionally, but however nice the bar is, the fact when I asked for biscuits with my tea they had to raid someone's left over breakfast from a bedroom as they technically didn't serve tea to visitors. Bad move, and I don't think they had a fruit machine either which would have got me in as well.

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Sharon said...

Park Avenue looks beautiful. Too bad there aren't more areas like it.