Saturday, January 28, 2006


Well, I wasn't planning this entry or evening, and have now been fed almost the same as I've been giving recently, with my intended pre-birthday evening being cancelled. I only asked 5 people as I didn't want major work to do, and one couple were busy, the other found another arrangement and the final person just called to say she wasn't well.

I can't do much about it, as I have pulled out of things since my own health problems so fully understand. My mother seems to have the same thing, and if so could well be a virus. It comes and goes with me, but when I do much it makes me so tired I can take a couple of days to recover from it. Everything else in the past went away eventually so this ought to sooner or later. But I realised one thing that makes it worse is still having to do the essentials myself, and were I living in a family if one person's down the others take over (usually). Not here. It's almost unnatural, the way being removed from a family unit means you're working closer to full capacity normally, and above it when not.

It was going to be a triple birthday do as two other people had birthdays within a few days, and I have one present here waiting. Otherwise I've had a bit more energy today, I only went to the shops to get the present and some food, but am still working on ten years' worth of washing up, and though Arsenal is on the TV in the FA cup I'd rather do this as the game's pretty boring. So much for plans.

So my actual birthday is in 5 hours, so I expect I'll be listening to Tommy Boyd as usual and expect a Sunday pretty much as every other. If my secret admirer turns up and strips for me I'll let you all know, or someone offers me a book deal. I may even suddenly become enlightened. But when I wake up on Sunday it would only have been a dream. Good night while I'm still 45.


Sharon said...

Sorry to hear your plans fell through. I do hope you have a good evening anyway. I have almost finished downloading the show and will give it a listen soon. I will be thinking of you and wishing you a wonderful birthday.

David said...

Thanks Sharon, I'm not too bothered, there's plenty on TV!
Let's see if 46 was any better than 45.

Philosopher Newport said...

if you lived closer to Kent and weren't so easily worn out i'd invite you over to hang out sometime. but you probably wouldn't like the cigarette and cannabis smoke nor my taste in music or videos. you would leave reeking and temporarily infected with too many cuss words in your speech (as every other word with me in conversation is a variation of the word "fuck").

sorry about those no-shows at your party, Kingsbury. how much notice did everyone have?

nevermind. sounds like you carried on like a trooper in spite of being let down and that's the best way to handle it.

i won't wish you a happy birthday because i think it's silly. i wish you, me, and everyone was happy every day, and that ain't bloody well gonna happen. so why wish happiness specifically on the day you entered this heartbreaking existence? t'would be illogical, captain.

David said...

Very nice of you to offer Al, and if you lived nearer here I would do the same. And you actually sound like a number of my friends one way or another, so I'm quite used to the smoke of both kinds and rude words. The 'worn out' has been since a bug I got in the summer, and is as much a mystery to me as everyone else at the moment, and just hope it passes as things usually do. And it's true, I never swore on paper/screen before catching the 'blogger's tongue'!

You're right about birthdays, Maharaji said the same about happy new year, what about every other day? (I reckon it's meant to cover them all!). But as you'll see socially I made up for it the next day. One couple made plans to come a week before, I told another a few days before and they probably were booked up well in advance, and the other simply wasn't up to it. It's more a symptom of the general decline of my social life that it was such a struggle to arrange when in the past it was almost automatic who would come.