Friday, January 20, 2006

Had to report it

I just found a link to another blog (which I won't even bother to pass on, trust me...) which was a classic, possibly the classic 'links to other sites' blog. Pages and pages of excerpts and links to an assortment of sites good, bad and indifferent. Fair enough, absolutely no originality so has to trawl other people's material, but one post made me almost shit myself, he had a hit graph of the previous week with around...

5000 hits a day!!!

Unless he'd made it himself in access (he didn't have a counter evident) does this mean the less effort one puts into a blog (besides incessant cutting and pasting of other people's work) the more people want to look at it? In the words of the great Robbie Vincent, "I am shocked!". This guy should be worth millions if Friends Reunited is anything to go by.

1 comment:

Sharon said...

I would bet he made it up himself. Although knowing what sheep people are and how they like to email links to every damn person in their address books anything is possible.