Saturday, January 14, 2006

No answers?

One reason I have discovered I write my blog and post certain questions on forums is hoping I'll find answers to questions of life which relate to apparently insoluble problems.

Tommy Boyd asking reasons has clearly helped raise this answer, and I present him with them as well as out of all the people I've come across, he is one of the few who can see from a higher viewpoint than everyone else, and if anyone has the answers, he's one. All the answers I look for come from a personal and general sense of helplessness over certain circumstances. Some people advertise (and charge heavily) for apparent answers to these, but they are actually answers to how they intend to pay their mortgage.

My research is beginning to point to the result that such answers do not exist. Many people offer direct or indirect suggestions, but none appear tried and tested or are presented with any certainty. So do I curl up in despair at the human condition or keep moving along? Probably a bit of both.
So I am faced with the equivalent of an incurable disease. Life appears to have generated a number of situations that have no direct ways out. They are probably all aspects of the same one, as I was driven more by a general sense of helplessness than any specific points, so have had to try and work out specifics so people can see the areas I mean. It could change and I may have missed some, but these are a few:

A quick direct method to fix depression or anxiety

A way not to be alone

Does life have a point, like a good film, where all the pieces end up fitting together and showing you what it was all about?

Are there people who really know the truth about other dimensions or are they just deluded or lying?

Can you make anyone feel better when they're in trouble, the way doctors can give you a shot for some symptoms? leading to

Why are so many medical symptoms (as opposed to illnesses) untreatable, where doctors say you just have to wait and tough it out?

I think that's a fairly thorough (and depressing) list, and though religions use God to divert the attention from reality, I'll only accept God's direct message and not through a third party. I have plenty of evidence for 'more', but not particuarly of a good nature, just a higher level of abilities. No benevolent influences that keep us out of trouble, stop us getting more than we can handle (old religious cliche), stop us suffering once we've learnt a lesson from it, etc etc.

I feel like a parent with a sick child, where doctors can't help either and the child looks at me for help. Apart from be there, what more can we do, me and the doctor? Like illness, many of these situations (besides the esoteric ones) change over time, but not from any of our doing. Tablets often help mental states, but not instantly.

People who have had near death and out of body experiences are the best source of these answers, as many no longer suffer these conditions having seen what they describe as a parallel world and beings there to help us (though I don't see much evidence of it). They no longer fear death as they believe that was where they go next and therefore not only are they never alone (as they see themselves surrounded by the other side once revealed) they feel safe and contented. It's a definitely real phenomenon as enough people see things elsewhere while stuck in bed, which are verified as soon as they report them. It's usually the devil's own job to achieve at will, as apparently we aren't designed to do this officially, and have to force our awareness away from our bodies over months of practice on average. I wouldn't try drugs personally, unlike Graham Hancock, who advocates a potent brew of extremely nasty stuff as the 'best way' to do it. No Graham, if I want to see the 'other side' I don't intend to do it by almost dying to do it. It may be a direct method but please, drugs are never used unless the side effects are less than the benefits created. If he wants to go through hell to get to heaven that's his choice, I put my tick against his view.

I'm one person in a series of millions now and through history with these questions, and I suppose like the combined searches for God and what happens after death, have found they lie in a dead end. Are my slightly less demanding searches destined to turn up the same result as the big two? I don't have the answer of course, though I suspect it will, I continue to ask others just in case. But then if life was made that easy we'd never have to work for anything, which is one argument life was 'designed' not to be too easy to fix. Sounds like a very hot place to me if that's true, which is a related issue I'd decided as well, but not for this box.

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Sharon said...

I don't know that we are ever meant to know the answers. Life is a journey and in the end the answers are the destination. It seems to me that the important part of the journey is not the destination but the detours in between. People map out a course for their life and fate throws up roadblocks and detours. It seems to me that we grow and learn more from not taking the direct course to the answers. What is important isn't the beginning or the end but what we learn along the way.