Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Golders Green 2

The two centres of my universe are Golders Green Station and Henlys Corner. Golders Green is the central junction of both London buses and an Underground station, and wherever I went before I could drive the place I had to change was usually there, especially 7 years of school in and around Hampstead. I have been going to the shops there all my life as it lies between my old, newer and current houses. It's hardly changed but the parking there as in most of London is now almost prohibitive so I prefer to cycle to my local shops or go late night shopping when the parking's free, so I don't go there as much as I used to.

Henlys Corner became even more familiar after I moved at 5, and have passed through on an almost daily basis ever since. It's the junction where the three roads, A1, North Circular and A 598 cross, and is probably the road equivalent of Golders Green for public transport. If you're travelling by car in North London it's pretty likely you'll go through it, and I remember when there was a roundabout between the A1 and A 406 to the east, which must have gone around 1968. I'll be taking more pictures there next, so today it's the Golders Green views.


Anonymous said...

I peeked in on your webcam and you do look scrumptious in your vest.


David said...

Being a fellow (but not fictional) Londoner, I take after Sherlock Holmes as aspiring detective. Clues today:

1) Your use of 'vest' is clearly placing you in America, as I am not wearing an English vest (it's far too cold) on top, but a sleeveless jacket (vest in US). You'd have to travel a long way to see me unless you're an expat...

2) Your words and phrases are so close to the previous commenting team (and not used much elsewhere) either there are two almost identical sets of people or you are who I thought you were.

3) I am scrumptious, aren't I!

Anonymous said...

I am American, but my job required me to move to England. I have been living in England for the past three years, so unfortunately, my phrases and wording are still American. Here's an FYI for you, most Americans do use similar phrases and wording.

If you must know, my name is Carla and I live in Deptford.

Anywho, thanks again for thinking I'm someone else when I'm not.

David said...

I wasn't 100% sure, reasons:
1) Person one used to sign off toodles, never seen it before and then you.
2)At least I got the US connection
3)I was more of the mind you'd picked up on some of their comments rather than think it was either of them. If not, you just turned up at an incredibly coincidental time, and believe me, nobody else has made similar comments apart from the three of you and if you look at the ones I left on (others virtually wanted me to die, not like yours) you'll see what I mean.

Deptford? Not too far in distance but can be quicker to fly abroad from this side of London than get over the river...
anyway, hello Carla, nice to finally meet you, and maybe I'll work out if you're friend or adversary after a while. You seem to switch between them very quickly and it wasn't just me who's noticed that.

Anonymous said...

David, I am so sorry! I feel for you, I really do. I searched your blog and found some things that some people were saying and it's truly horrid.

Sorry I told you to grow up, especially if you thought I was those people. I'm not a mean spirited person, but I am a straightforward kind of person and if someone needs to be told to grow up, I will tell them that.

Please don't ever think I'm like those people. They were really cruel.


David said...

Thanks Carla, now you know the whole picture you can see how I got the wrong idea about you. I hope we can be friends now, David

Sara said...

Hi David,
I have some questions about golders green,you see I maybe come there for a short while to study english,so need to know what sort of place is there?is it possible for you to describe there for a foreigner?

David said...

Hi Sara, welcome to London (if you come!). I may be biased but Golders Green is one of the nicest areas I know. Parking is almost impossible but otherwise plenty to do, open all hours and days, and nice houses and parks, but very expensive. But few better places for a new arrival or local from birth. And give me a call if you get here!