Saturday, January 28, 2006

On the radio

I just remembered, you can hear me talking to Tommy Boyd on the radio archive

21st January show posted on 23rd of January. I am on after 1 hour and 18 minutes or so, assuming your version of player supports a digital timescale. If not, it's a four hour show and I'm on at 10.18, and you just pull the little cursor along till you're around that proportion of the whole four hours. I've had to do it that way as well!

The reason I am posting this is the whole call (one of a series of three) is devoted to discussing my blog, and you can hear how to really conduct an interrogation, which few can do as well as Tommy as he sees the point almost every time.

You can currently hear the show online at BBC Southern Counties every Saturday from 9pm-1am UK time. In April he will be given a daily show in the afternoons (as he used to many years ago), and as I don't live in the catchment area either I'll have to find a way of listening as well.


Sharon said...

I will give it a listen as soon as the virus scan I am running is done. Don't worry I will be sure to give you my opinion of it as well.

Sharon said...

Still trying to download the file. Not getting a good connection though so might have to try again in the morning.

David said...

Sorry, I just realised on this example you have to download 40mb of data, I'm sure the first show I listened to was streamed. Maybe this isn't a good idea...

Sharon said...

Two days of downloading. And was it worth it? Defintely! I have listened to your bit of the show 5 or 6 times so far. First impression would have to be Tommy really knows how to cut right to the point. Very smart man. Makes you stop and think. I don't necessisarly think that we tell people about the blogs just to watch the counter go up. It is nice to see that someone is reading what we have taken the time to write though. And when you are writing about a specific person it is nice to know that they have read what is posted and to hear their opinion of it. I thoroughly agree with you that a blog is an autobiography and if you leave out people or events then you are not honestly showing the entire picture of who you are. Writing a blog is an experiment in getting to know yourself better. You start writing and sometimes surprise yourself with what comes out.

I did get a good laugh at one line of Tommy's. "How I managed to live a little longer. By Dave"
Going to have to listen to the rest of the program as I really like his style. Hmmmm wonder if that would be a valid reason to move to England? It's either move their or spend days every week downloading it. I vote for moving.

Happy Birthday Again!

David said...

Oops, you're clearly not on broadband, sorry!
You can listen live every Saturday from 9 till 1am,on and call in on +44 8459 570057 (you can't withold your number display though).
There aren't many like Tommy about, though it's only a local station I can't even get where I live.

Sharon said...

that is what passes for broadband around here. going to have the repairman out next week and see if they can speed things up