Thursday, January 26, 2006


Ever looked at life through a magnifying glass? It makes a change to now and then if you haven't, and is like stretching life out into its tiniest details and reporting it, something my grandma does quite naturally.

Today gave me the idea, as on the surface I got up, watched TV, got dressed, watched a video and then got on the computer. But there's more than that if you look in the gaps. I looked through all three LP boxes as it was time I listened to some of them, and played a Boris Gardener (reggae) and have The Seekers on now. I am brewing my second lot of coffee from the free packet which should be ready in a few minutes. I had a number of phone calls to me which overlapped with some of the activities and stopped others in their tracks.
I then intend to carry on washing up with the records playing in the background and then have a piece of cold chicken my grandma gave me, probably with instant mash (as cooking isn't my thing). The coffee is now here, and I'm using a special coffee cup I may not have used since 1993.

It's just interesting to see what someone/anyone can do given just a house, appliances and nothing else in one day, and though some elements repeat (such as the computer and TV) I hadn't got my LPs out for ages or made real coffee. The little things mean as much as the big ones, and when sharing them with others life is as it should be.


Sharon said...

Boris Gardener, haven't heard him mentioned in a long time. Hope you listened to I Want To Wake Up With You.

David said...

It was a 1072 album, probably before that came out. But a few sounded almost the same!
Got the Seekers on now, brings me right back to around 1966 when I heard them the first time.

Anonymous said...

you should try making real mash potato with actual real potatos. Its easy and something I only recently tried myself. Peel and boil the potatos for approx12-15minutes. Poke one potato with a sharpkNife and see if soft. Once they are soft drain water from pan. And butter or marg and mash with masher (or folk). Serve and eat. Tommy Boyd.

David said...

I'll have a go at that, but the trouble is if you make vegetables for one you get a lot left over and have to remember to eat it.

Tommy Boyd? I think not (in the presentation...)